Wall Murals

The entrance to the women's locker room featured a mural with larger than life-size players, using the St. Joe's crimson to separate them from the background image.

The general crimson theme conveyed seriousness and respect.

Collages of over a dozen years of players encircled the area.

By the door was the school "magis" touchstone for the women to jump up and hit on the way out.

Different awards were displayed on separate boards that could be updated and printed out when additions become necessary.

18 years of teams are displayed on the Team Wall. These can be added to for years beyond the life-span of the mural.

They wanted a lighter feel to the room, but I added the hawk to provide movement and dynamic energy.

Their choice of grey for the primary background color allowed graphic elements to pop even more.

Where there was crimson, the space was used for inspirational quotes and color pictures.

Individual lockers not only called out the current player, but past players who wore the same number jersey.

The Women's Lacrosse Team took another tack, choosing not to call out specific players, but instead look to the intensity of the St. Joe's Hawk.


These locker room graphics for the St. Joe’s Women’s Soccer and Lacrosse Teams played within the St. Joe’s graphic standards, combining graphic elements, typography, and players into a tribute to each sport.


Wall mural, collage