Illustration & Design

Kennedy Hospital’s amusing recruitment campaign was displayed on a range of sizes from postcards to transit posters. The fun, eye-catching phrases in bold type are ultimately simply part of the body copy, with their implication tied back in at the end.

For their CD cover, the Blues Crew dictated the image they wanted, and I had to try to give it a new take, using a digital paint program and tablet. Happily, the software's ability very closely matched how an actual oil painting of mine would have looked.

This two sided, college-recruiting flyer for Spirit Aerosystems was both informative and fun by including instructions on how to turn the flyer itself into a paper airplane (reflecting the industry).

A self-shot photo-illustration for Aqua America’s recruiting campaign touts their employees’ ability to advance within the company.

The X-Prize referred to a contest challenging private enterprise to be the first to put a man on the edge of space (eventually won by Burt Rutan and now operated by Virgin Galactic). Along with a half-dozen credit card designs, I also came up with a brochure, book cover and video-box treatments. The space-plane featured was designed and created in 3D based on my ideas of what the winning entry might have looked like.

A photo-illustration for QVC’s seasonal hiring involved rearranging flippers, adding then coloring clothes, and creating a muffler from scratch. I chose to enlarge the penguin’s eye too to create a friendlier appearance. This campaign was also printed on posters displayed at their headquarters.

By varying the image placed in the airplane's window, we could emphasize different career opportunities at Spirit Aerosystems.


In addition to making a design compelling, the chance to create original artwork to go within it is always relished, whether it’s done through traditional media or digital manipulation.




Illustration, Design