Light Sleeper was my first and only 3D animation piece, using the Electric Image Animation System back in '97 on an old Power-Mac. I had to buy a 1GB drive for $1000 just to store it on! It was based on a Danish Modern lamp I was given by a boss at a Christmas party, and my inspiration came from the Pixar short "Luxo Jr." I found unexpected pleasure in creating the sound effects and editing.

Igor's Outing was shot very roughly with an 8mm Sony Handycam on typing paper, using the corner of a box to keep the pages registered.


My first job out of art school in '89 was painting background keys for after-school animated show called “Maxie’s World.” For fun I tried my hand at traditional animation with “Igor’s Outing”. This led to a job working as an in-betweener for a commercial animation company, and then as an animator for digital screen savers.

“Light Sleeper” reflects my love of both Pixar and Danish Modern design.