Jay Scheuerle

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Practical Creativity

Anyone can make a pretty picture, but it’s the fearlessly creative and focused who can do things that have never been done. Whether it’s crafting a musical instrument, building a telescope, or designing a new brand, I know that there’s an original solution to be found. While I’m patient and driven enough to find it if time permits, I also have the sharpness and experience to make something work immediately. Even if the budget is small. Even if it’s due tomorrow. Limitations are simply the walls of my play-pen. The challenge is in the hunt, and the fun is in the find.

In terms of graphic applications, while I know Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign like old friends (and also know which one is the best tool to use for the job), I believe every piece starts with a pencil. Sketching is the quickest way to close in on a direction, and it’s essential that final work retains the life of the original drawings.

Motion-wise, I’ve animated both by hand and in 3D, created sound effects, and edited it all together to tell stories. I know timing.

If you’re thinking trade-show display, lobby make-over, or physical prototypes, I also build, craft, and invent. I’m spatial and know what can be done. And I can do it cost effectively, efficiently, and on time.



Jay Scheuerle Design

The best part of being self-employed is absolutely knowing who’s responsible for every actionable aspect of the job, as well as the fortune of being able to take on a wide variety of projects. Developing tight relationships with clients is an essential part of “drinking the Kool-Aid”–believing and understanding everything they’re about and increasing the chances of being spot-on right off the bat. From concept to copy, when you’re one, you’re the team.

Art Director - Creative Services

Alstin Communications

As an Art Director at Alstin, I worked with the Creative Director, Copywriter and Account Executives to come up with impactful recruitment ad campaigns to increase the quantity and quality of our client’s hires. These would often entail establishing new, thematic brands on which client ads and collateral would be based for the next year, including e-blasts, quickscreens, microsites and brochures. The nature of recruitment advertising is to put as much information into as small of space as possible without it looking that way. During my time at Alstin, our small Creative Department won over 60 CEA and EMA awards for creative excellence, including several grand prizes. This was by far the largest total for any single location agency.


Otis Art Institute

BFA Illustration

This is “back in the day”/pre-computer art school, where the training was classical, with much focus on developing drawing and painting skills, while learning about color theories and composition. Through affiliation program, I also had opportunity to focus less on technique and more on concept while spending a semester at Parson’s School of Design, in NYC.

Upon graduation, I went directly to painting backgrounds for animation at a company called DIC in Burbank, CA, putting those classical skills to use in a deadline-driven industry.